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    • Photo ID and Insurance Card
    • Name/addresses/phone numbers of emergency contact(s), doctor(s), mental health provider(s), etc.
    • 30-day supply of approved prescription medications (see #21 in "Program Rules"). This may not apply. Please check with our medical staff by calling 833-343-5383 in advance of your visit.
    • Casual and comfortable clothing (5-7 outfits’ worth. Residents will have access to on-site laundry facilities.)
    • Appropriate pajamas, robe, slippers
    • Ear plugs for sleeping, if desired
    • Pillow and pillowcase
    • UNOPENED personal toiletries, i.e., toothbrush/paste, stick or roll-on antiperspirant, make-up, shampoo/conditioner, body wash/soap, shaving supplies, feminine hygiene products. (please note program rules for prohibited items)
    • Cash, credit/debit cards for outings (all personal payment methods will only be accessible for outings and securely locked up the remainder of the time. Cash limit of $200 at one time.) 
    • Reading Material- Any reading material that would be helpful for recovery.
    • Stand alone alarm clock
    • Stamps and envelopes

    • Alcohol or illegal substances
    • Energy Drinks
    • Weapons of any kind – including but not limited to pocket knives, straight edge razors or scissors.
    • Items used for/associated with gambling - including cards, chips, etc. 
    • Revealing clothing or clothing depicting alcohol, drug, gambling, gang, drug, sexual themed, offensive material. Clothing containing drug, alcohol or sexual themes
    • Pornography or associated items
    • Wi-Fi/data capable devices - including, but not limited to, cell phones, tablets, laptops or cameras
    • Personal transportation/keys
    • Over-the-counter medications, vitamins, herbs, supplements. Over-the-counter medications will be provided to residents if needed.
    • Laundry detergent (Fieldview® at Holland will provide)
    • Beauty or hygiene products containing alcohol - including alcohol-based mouthwash and hand sanitizer.
    • Aerosol deodorants or sprays, including body sprays, perfumes or colognes
    • Nail polish or nail polish remover
    • Valuables (e.g. jewelry, or sentimental items)- Fieldview Healthcare Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen items
    • Candles, diffusers, aromatherapy, “Scentsy” items, and any like items are not allowed in client rooms nor on the campus
    • E-cigarettes or Vapes
    • No previously opened tobacco or related products, including cigarette rolling machines
    • No previously opened food products


    Due to privacy restrictions and HIPPA laws, residents will not have access to their personal electronic devices during treatment. 

    Personal electronic devices include cell phones, tablets, laptops, and any other Wi-Fi/data capable devices. 

    If residents do bring any of the aforementioned devices to treatment, our staff will ensure all devices are locked up and returned to residents at the end of their treatment. 

    All residential houses are equipped with landlines, which residents may use during treatment to place outgoing calls. 


    We do not allow residents to have access to any personal transportation during treatment. Henceforth, we do not allow any residents to leave vehicles on site during treatment. We ask that all residents arrange to be dropped off and picked up at the start and end of treatment. 


    First, call the staff at Fieldview at Holland and discuss all medications you/your loved one are currently taking. Our staff will cover what medications are/are not approved in our facility. All facility-approved medications will need to be provided by the resident. We ask residents to bring a 30-day supply of all (approved) prescription medication(s).

    All medicine brought into Fieldview at Holland must be in the original prescription bottle, with the resident's name, prescribing doctor, dosage, and date. Medication without any/all details visible and current will not be permitted. 


    We do allow our residents to smoke during their stay at Fieldview at Holland, but only in designated outside areas at designated times. Residents who chose to smoke must provide their own tobacco products, and they must be in new, UNOPENED, packing when you enter the facility.


    Although outings are not required, all residents are invited to attend our regularly scheduled outings. In some instances the outings may allow residents to swim or exercise. We encourage all residents to bring along a bathing suit and workout clothes/shoes. If residents do choose to partake in these options, women are required to wear a conservative, one-piece bathing suit, and men are required to wear shorts reaching at least mid-thigh. All extracurricular clothing must be free of offensive or derogatory slogans or logos. Midriffs must be covered at all times.


    Fieldview® at Holland requires all clients to be at least 18 years old. We do offer services on an Outpatient basis only to youths age 14-17.


    Fieldview at Holland encourages clients to maintain a strong support system during their recovery. Thus, clients are permitted to have 2 adult visitors during the designated visitor times:

    5:45 p.m. – 7:45 pm | Family Visitation 
    1:00 Pm - 3:00 Pm | Family Visitation
    3:00 PM - 4:00 PM | Family group with client
    4:00 PM - 5:00 PM | family group without client
    (during Detox and first 7 days of clients stay, no visitors are allowed)
    All visitors are required to enter through 551 S. Holland.
    The northeast building facing Holland Street.

    Visitors must sign the “Visitors Log" when entering and departing the facility, acknowledging the visitor’s policy and they agree not to bring contraband onto the Fieldview at Holland premises. We also ask that visitors not bring their purse, handbag, or cell phone onto the premises.

    By signing the “Visitors Log”, visitors agree to adhere to the guidelines listed below:

    1. Visitors acknowledge that they are also committed to the recovery of all Fieldview at Holland clients. As such, visitors agree not to bring any items into the facility which are deemed detrimental to our clients’ well-being. These include: illicit drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, over-the-counter medications or herbal remedies, etc. We ask that visitors not bring their purse, handbag, or cell phone onto the premises. Any visitor who knowingly brings any of these items to the facility will be asked to leave immediately and will be banned from future visits.
    2. Fieldview at Holland reserves the right to search the belongings of any person who visits the facility. Visitor’s refusal to do so will result in the denial of visitation privileges.
    3. Fieldview at Holland encourages visitors to participate with the their loved one in their recovery activities during their visit If there is downtime, visitors can choose to relax and visit with their loved one in any of the in any of the facility’s common areas. Visitors are NOT permitted in client rooms at any time for any reason. There is a communal restroom to use as client’s private restroom use is not allowed by visitors.
    1. Sexual activity is strictly prohibited between clients and visitors at all times.
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