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Local newspaper shares excitement of grand opening

June 14th, 2018

Fieldview at Holland™ receives license and first patient

June 13, 2018 01:08 PM

"The new Fieldview at Holland, an outpatient and residential substance-abuse treatment center, is now open at 571 S. Holland near Kellogg and Ridge Road.

The 64-bed facility received its license on Tuesday and had its first patient on Wednesday.

"The first one walked through our doors this morning," says executive director Diane Peltier.

"We actually had a waiting list."

Fieldview is in the former Veranda Senior Living assisted-living facility.

In addition to residential, or inpatient, services, there are intensive outpatient treatments, detox services and confidential sobriety coaching for people who want more private treatment options. There aren't, though, acute detox services, such as when someone is having a seizure. Peltier says hospitals handle those cases.

Balstar, Fieldview's Nevada-based parent company, was attracted to Wichita in part because there aren't a lot of residential treatment centers here.

There are five houses on the campus. One is a combination clubhouse and restaurant. One is for administrative and outpatient services. There’s another for detox services and two more for men’s and women’s residential care.

Peltier says Balstar wants to eventually add a second facility on the east side.

While preparing Fieldview to open, Peltier says she received calls from potential patients and had to refer them to other places. Not everyone chose that route, though, and she says that's why Fieldview immediately had a patient Wednesday.

"Some of them said, 'No, I can wait a few days. I want to come there.' "

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