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Fieldview at Holland highlighted in article discussing need for more detox and in-patient treatment

October 5th, 2018

SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) - Law enforcement is dealing with a growing problem, more people with addiction to drugs or alcohol. Maize Police say there's a growing need for more in-patient treatment options.

Officer James Wiggins says they will point people struggling with addiction to hospitals or detox centers for short-term help, but there is limited space. And for in-patient treatment, there is also a wait, especially for those who are un-insured or under-insured.

Officer Wiggins stores discovered drugs, sometimes found on people, in the department's evidence locker. It's a task they're doing more often.

"It becomes more of an issue probably every year," said Officer James Wiggins, Maize Police Department.

He says citizens call their agency, looking for where to turn.

"My child or brother or father or husband or wife may be doing drugs can you come out and talk to them," said Wiggins.

But he says space is limited for short-term and in-patient treatment. And for those who are not insured or under insured, the county reports that the two in-patient providers will not have openings until November and January. A recovering addict says this can be a vulnerable time.

"Just...it was hell for me, honestly, I isolated and withdrew from everybody that I loved," said Kathryn Reichenberger, Recovery Support Staff Supervisor.

Kathryn says her addiction made her run away from home, and get in trouble with the law. But today, she is three years sober, and tries to help others struggling with addiction, at Fieldview at Holland, a new facility in Wichita that offers medically-monitored detox.

"Feedback we've received from those who have come through has been that this was sorely needed in the community," said Diane Peltier, Exec. Director at Fieldview at Holland.

People start with medical detox for 3-7 days and then residential programming for 21-28 days. It's just the start of what is often a long journey of recovery. 

"Everybody's story is unique and were here to help, all it takes is one phone call," said Peltier.

 if you are dealing with addiction -either drugs or alcohol call the national drug help-line, at 866-236-1651.

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