Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Wichita, KS

As clients proceed through the various levels of treatment, our staff continues to assess their physical, mental and emotional well-being, providing personalized treatment that meets their unique needs. As they approach discharge from our residential program, our Intensive Outpatient program provides the support they need to succeed as they return to the community, further strengthening their chances for a successful recovery.  In addition, some clients, upon initial assessment, may go straight to intensive outpatient without ever entering inpatient treatment.

At Fieldview®, intensive outpatient treatment consists of activities and therapeutic elements that are available to our residents, including group and individual counseling. Clients participate based on their individual progress and the individual treatment plan they create with their counselor, benefiting from the continued support they receive, both from our staff and from others who, like themselves, may be struggling with the transition back into the community.

Ultimately, we provide the tools, coping skills and ongoing support needed to ensure that each client we serve will successfully adapt and thrive outside of our walls as they walk the path of lasting recovery.