Outpatient Treatment in Wichita, KS

Some clients, upon initial assessment, may qualify for our Outpatient Treatment services.  This option generally allows them to maintain employment and family life while still making great strides in their recovery.  The staff at Fieldview® are continually assessing clients’ physical, mental and emotional well-being, providing personalized treatment. As clients approach graduation from our Inpatient or Intensive Outpatient program, our Outpatient programming provides the right amount of support clients need to succeed as they continue their recovery and need less intensive programming.

outpatient treatment Wichita, KS/Outpatient Treatment Program Wichita, KS Outpatient treatment consists of 8 or less hours per week of activities and therapeutic elements that are available to our residents, including group and individual counseling. Clients participate based on their individual progress and the individual treatment plan they create with their counselor, benefiting from the continued support they receive. In outpatient treatment, clients are able to work or attend school while going through treatment, live in the community, and they are able to practice the relapse prevention techniques they learned during the treatment process.

Fieldview provides the tools, coping skills and ongoing support needed to ensure that each client we serve will successfully adapt and thrive outside of our walls as they walk the path of lasting recovery.


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